Before you click the purchase button, please learn how to groom a dog with clippers

how to groom a dog with clippers

It is quite exciting, isn’t it? Finally, you are going to be doing all of the grooming yourself. The excitement started to bubble up quite soon after you and your beloved dog left the vet on its last check-up. Loving the dog the way you do, you were always going to have concerns or issues. For years now you did not mind taking your dog to the dog parlor several times a year. You did this because you new quite well that the grooming process was essential and important for its hygiene.

You have pretty much done the same where its nutritional requirements and exercise is concerned. The exercise is easy, and done and dusted on a daily basis. Not only does your dog love to go walkies, more than once a day, as it turns out, you do too. It’s lovely to have a spot of fresh air, and, of course, you love spending time with Spot – or Fido, or whatever you are calling your precious. The new nutritional requirements have been a pleasantly surprising experience for you and your dog.

You have managed to discard the unpleasant processed food packets and tins and gone on to prepare your dog warm and nourishing organic meals, which, as it turned out, made your grocery bill a lot lighter. Speaking of which, this was the unpleasant part, and this is what you spoke about at the vet. Taking your dog to the parlor every other month has been frightfully expensive. But then your vet told you this.

Why take your dog to the groomer? Why not do the grooming yourself? And how, just exactly, how is it possible that I do the grooming myself, you asked. Well, for starters, the vet replied quickly enough, you go ahead and purchase a good pair of dog grooming clippers. Ok, you remarked. So, where do I start then? The vet did not have anything to hand, so he has made the recommendation that you go right ahead and shop online.

Plenty of choices out there. But before you go and make a purchase, please make sure you know how to groom a dog with clippers. By now you may have surmised that this process could be fairly complex, requiring a degree of skill and precision. After all, this is why you have been taking your pet to a professional groomer all these years. But soon enough, you will learn that there really is nothing to it. Like your dog did, once upon a time at obedience school, you will learn quickly enough.

All you need to do is follow the product guidelines. Better still, there are quite a number of enthusiastic dog clipper reviews doing the rounds on the internet. A number of them come with its own easy to follow how to instructions. They also guide you on making the right purchase in terms of your dog’s breed and coat thickness.